What are the types of lipsticks


Lipstick is almost a woman’s loser. Women put on lipstick not only beautiful but also the whole person looks very energetic. However, there are many types of lipstick. How do you choose lipstick every time you buy?

Classified by lipstick color

1. Pink

Pink gives a young, warm, and feminine feeling. If you use pink lipstick with a set of clothing of the same color, your appearance will bloom like spring colors;

2. Red

Red gives people a bright and eye-catching feeling, so if you put on bright red lipstick, your whole person will become energetic and passionate;

3. Ochre red

Ochre is a color close to brown. Putting on this color lipstick will look dignified, elegant, and quite classic;

4. Orange

Orange has a red passion and yellow brightness. Putting on orange lipstick will give people a feeling of enthusiasm and activity, which is very suitable for young and lively girls.

Classified by lipstick gloss

1. Gloss: very transparent, with varying degrees of gloss. Moisturizes and protects dry lips, leaving lips shiny and delicate.

2. Transparent: transparent, slightly shiny. It has a longer-lasting heat preservation effect than the gloss type and has a sun protection effect.

3. Milk fat: opaque and less shiny. It can make the lips feel silky soft and smooth, with uniform color, longer-lasting moisture retention than the transparent type, and contains ingredients to prevent bleeding.

4. Matte type: extremely opaque, long-lasting color but not bright, it can last 6-8 hours after application, and it is not easy to wipe off.

Classified by texture

1. Lipstick

It is the most original and common lipstick, generally solid, and the texture is dry and harder than lip gloss and lip gloss. The color saturation is high, the color covering power is strong, and because it is solid, it is generally not easy to overflow due to deep lip lines. It is often used to modify the lip shape and lip color. Because it contains too many chemical elements, it is not suitable for long-term large-scale use.

2. Lip gloss

The texture is transparent, you can apply the lipstick directly to your lips, or directly apply it with a lip pencil. There is no need to emphasize the lip line and the effect is not lasting.

3. Moisturizing lipstick

The brightness of oil is slightly lower than that of lip gloss, and it is a basic cosmetic that is easy to apply. Lipstick with a high degree of moisturizing has a soothing effect, especially on dry and peeling lips. In addition to the outstanding water-brightening effect of recent moisturizing lipsticks, autumn and winter colors have also added a lot of pearlescent and aurora effects.

4. Long lasting lipstick

The higher the powder quality, the stronger the matte effect. The new generation of long-lasting lipsticks are more moisturized, even if they take off makeup. Generally, the effect of applying it directly on the lips is better than using a lip pencil.

According to the effect of applying on the lips

1. Satin lipstick

A very feminine one. Its color, quality, sensitivity and brightness are very good, usually oily ingredients, which can make lips beautiful and beautiful. The dazzling luster brings out a rich and gorgeous feeling, the color is natural, and it is easy to apply. It is very suitable for regular use and suitable for women of any lip shape and any age.

2. Long lasting lipstick

It contains highly volatile oils and is mixed with rich pigments. When the oils evaporate, the pigments stay on the lips, so the adhesion is strong. There is no need for frequent makeup, and the silky matte pigments are smooth when applied. And different colors will bring different effects. But sometimes it feels a little dry, like a thin film.

3. Matte lipstick

Generally silty, it can add mature charm, grace and luxury, make makeup very radiant, and its texture is dry, the effect is slightly dull, but it is very three-dimensional on the lips. Need good makeup skills. Therefore, not everyone is suitable for them. Pay special attention when choosing. For example, deep and dull tones can play an excellent matte effect, but too dark colors will make you look too mature.

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