The magical use of dark eye shadow


On bright eyes, use dark brown eyeshadow to emphasize the depth of the eyes. First, apply brown eyeshadow on the eyelids as a primer, and then use warm eyeshadow to modify the tail and end of the eyes. You can also use brown on the end of the eyes and warm eyeshadow on the ends of the eyes. To make the eyes look clear and bright, makeup on the area under the eyes is also very important. The technique of drawing eyeshadow is not only easy to learn, but it also adds beauty. On the upper and lower parts of the eyes, use different shades of light and dark eyeshadows to bring out the beauty with layered makeup. Lack of sleep and swollen eyes, and the way to change is to use dark eye shadow to make up for the shortcomings.

 Six steps to remove makeup

 The skin also needs to breathe. Regardless of whether you have makeup or not, the dust in the air mixed with the oil secreted by the skin can easily cause pores to be blocked, leading to acne, dark spots, dull complexion and other annoying problems. To make the skin free of blemishes and become delicate and translucent, a thorough makeup removal step is the key. Different makeup removers have different characteristics. To cleanse your face thoroughly, you must first understand the nature of the makeup remover and your own skin type, and the right remedy can get the best results.

 1. Cleansing oil

 For oily cosmetics, after mixing with water, just wash with water to completely remove makeup. The soluble cleansing oil is most suitable for women who love heavy makeup and use glitter.

 2. Makeup remover foam

 The lightweight makeup remover foam is gentle in nature, and it will effectively cleanse the skin without giving it a feeling of tightness. It is most suitable for light makeup people.

 3. Makeup remover gel

 The more water-based gel formula is most suitable for people with dry skin. It has a refreshing texture and can completely remove makeup and oil.

 4. Make-up remover cold cream

 The rich texture of the cold makeup remover cream is smooth and can dissolve difficult-to-remove make-up, oil and dirt. It can also prevent the skin from being too dry and is suitable for drier skin.

 5. Makeup remover cloth

 The makeup remover cloth absorbed the makeup remover is convenient to carry and is most suitable for the needs of going out on business or travelling. The gentle nature can make the skin enjoy the massage effect while cleansing the face.

 6. Makeup remover

 Mild in nature, it can dissolve oils and cosmetics containing chemical ingredients at the same time. Just use a cotton pad moistened with makeup remover to gently wipe the makeup area, and it can be removed effectively.

 The eyebrows reflect the female personality

 The eyebrows are like a picture frame. They are used to set off the eyes. They can not only change the shape of the face but also reflect the personality of women through the adjustment of thickness, length and height. Ignoring eyebrow makeup will destroy the overall beauty.

 Eyebrows vary in thickness, but no matter how they are modified, they always grow above the brow bone. The standard position of the eyebrows is that the brow is on the extension line of the nose and the inner corner of the eye; the brow peak is on the extension line of the middle of the nose and the eyeball, about 2/3 of the eyebrow; The brow and the end of the brow should be on the same horizontal line.

 How to cover up pimples with foundation?

 The nose or cheeks are full of acne scars, which look like orange peel. You can use the following four methods of applying foundation cream to compare and find the correct answer.

 One of the methods is to apply fragrant powder foundation cream on the area covered with acne scars instead of liquid or vanishing cream foundation cream. Just make them inconspicuous, instead of sealing them up with paint.

 The second method is to carefully trim with astringent foundation cream to tighten the pores, and then apply a thin liquid or lighter foundation cream. In this way, even if foundation cream accumulates on the sunken area, it will not become darker. In order to make the overall color consistent, you can apply a slightly darker foundation cream.

 If you use a dark foundation cream from the beginning, the recessed area will be filled, the color will accumulate and look dark, but it will be more conspicuous.

 The third method is to dispel the idea of ​​concealment and apply a thick layer of glossy foundation cream to divert people’s attention with gloss. This method is suitable for people with mild symptoms.

 The fourth method is to simply use a strong covering foundation cream to cover up facial spots. If it freckles, consider its size and depth; if it is brown spots, have a comprehensive view of its number and distribution. understanding.

 There are many reasons for freckles and brown spots, such as visceral dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction, mental stimulation, and so on. Efforts should be made to eradicate the lesions, but there is no need to worry about freckles all day long.

 There are four ways to cover up freckles and brown spots. You can choose the one that suits you best.

 One method is to use your fingertips to repeatedly slap foundation cream on the freckles. If this method does not work, you can add some powder-based foundation cream to the makeup powder to try.

 The second method is to use a foundation cream with a color between freckles and skin tone. With this method (without repeated beatings), the color of freckles and the color of the skin tend to be the same, which is not so obvious.

 The third method is to cover it up with a shiny foundation cream. The skin is shiny and freckles are a little bit less worrying. This is a way to suppress freckles with gloss.

 The fourth method is to use makeup that highlights individuality to distract attention. For example, if you have freckles on the corners of your eyes, you should wear brightly colored lipstick; if you have brown spots on your face, you should make the eye makeup and lipstick contour clear and full.

Learn the following 10 methods to make your eyes look big and vivid. It only takes 10 minutes to become proficient! why not

 1. Clamp the roots of the eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and make the eyelashes curl up.

2. Clamp the middle part of the eyelashes with the eyelash curler to turn the eyelashes upward.

3. Choose a mascara with good curling effect and long lasting time. Start from the root of the eyelashes and roll upwards, and apply a layer of mascara.

4. Apply a lengthening mascara, especially the tip of the eyelashes.

5. Apply a textured mascara on the sparse lower eyelashes.

6. Use an eyelash comb to comb your hair to form a natural curl. It is recommended to use a Panasonic eyelash comb to deepen the solid clumps of mascara and prevent sagging eyelashes.

7. Using an eyeliner, draw meticulously on the space between each eyelash.

8. Push a pearl-colored foundation all over the eyes.

 9. You can apply the eye shadow that you are satisfied with on the eyelid and also on the lower lash line.

10. First apply liquid eyeliner from the end of the eye to the middle of the eyelid, and then from the corner of the eye to the middle, the eyeliner at the end of the eye is slightly raised. If your eyes are not obvious enough, you might as well apply a 2 to 3 mm wide liquid eyeliner, and the tail part of the eye is slightly raised to add a touch of charm, and the eyes will be more attractive.

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