What Are The Styles Of The Jacket


What is a jacket

It is a general term for short tops that can be worn by men and women. Jacket evolved from a short coat made of coarse cloth called Jack worn by men in the Middle Ages. Jack in the 15th century had bulged sleeves, but this kind of sleeve is a kind of decoration, the arm does not pass through it, and is pulled over the clothes. By the 16th century, men’s lower skirts were longer than Jack’s, tied with belts to form pleats around the body. In the 20th century, the buttons of men’s jackets from the stomach were opened, the cuffs were decorated with buttons and the hem The pleated clothes are fastened to the upper hip with buttons. At this time, women’s tops also turned into well-fitting jackets like the hunting suits used by women on horseback in the 18th century.

What are the styles of the jacket

If we divide jackets from their functions, they can be roughly classified into three categories: jackets used as work clothes; jackets used as casual wear; jackets used as dresses.

Common jacket styles include leather jackets, denim jackets, sports jackets, casual jackets, woolen jackets, business jackets, short jackets, hooded jackets, work jackets, lapel jackets, rider jackets, safari jackets, bomber jackets, motorcycle jackets, Printed jackets, suede jackets, down jackets, quilted jackets, etc.

The difference between a jacket and a baseball uniform

1. No matter the design style or material of the Letterman Jacket is more popular, fashionable or extended, the general feature is that the sleeves and tops are of different colors and are mostly spliced with different materials. The chest is printed with text or patterns, and there is almost no lapel or collar. Metropolis has two or three piping lines of different colors from the collar (the cuffs have some), and most of the pockets are near the hands on both sides.

2. Flight Jacket, sleeves and tops are of the same color and material, but the color is more common in military uniforms such as green, gray, blue, black or leather. The collar is not limited to lapel or not. Common lining materials to lapel are all It is light-colored wool, mostly multi-pocket design, not only on the sides, sometimes on the chest and both sides of the cuffs. The collar, cuffs, and elastic bands on both sides of the hem are mostly different in color from the main body of the clothes. The exterior materials are usually nylon canvas and leather. These are the general features.

Jacket purchase method

1. Style: casual jackets are soft and comfortable to wear and easy to carry; down jackets combine down and jackets to keep warm; bomber jackets not only have the handsomeness and fashion of leather jackets, but are also very warm and windproof.

2. Fabrics: high-end fabrics include natural leather wool, cowhide, horse skin, wool-polyester blended fabric, wool-cotton blended fabric, etc., mid-to-high-end fabrics include various medium-long fiber tweed, polyester-cotton rainproof poplin, nylon silk, TC poplin, Rubber silk, imitation sheepskin, etc.

3. Body shape: The jackets with vertical line division and various striped decorative lines give people a sense of upright and beautiful, suitable for fat people; jackets with horizontal line division and decorative lines are suitable for slender people. Diagonal lines and multi-decorated jackets give people a lively feeling, suitable for young people, especially young women.

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